Colors Sinks Value

LivingStone surfaces are attractive and cost-friendly, and allow you a range of customizable options from color to sinks and more. Unlike granite, LivingStone is warm and comfortable to touch, never needs sealing or re-sealing, and the seams are virtually invisible. LivingStone is a product specifically manufactured to be as attractive but far more affordable and pragmatic than stone or wood alternatives.

LivingStone Colors

LivingStone’s unique approach to providing colors for their clients helps make their product affordable. Where as other brands order hundreds of color selections that often require expensive shipping, long backorder delays and large up-front costs, LivingStone offers a simple option of 32 popular colors. Avoiding excess inventory cuts down on the total production costs and reduces the cost to the consumer.

LivingStone Durability

LivingStone products are under warranty for 15 years, but with basic care they are designed to last at least 40 years. One of the best benefits of LivingStone surfaces is that they cannot easily be stained or damaged. LivingStone surfaces are created of 100% acrylic, which is naturally stain-resistant. LivingStone tops never need to be sealed or resealed so they provide reliable durability without costly and frustrating hassle of major upkeep.

Caring for LivingStone

LivingStone sinks and tops are nonporous, so germs cannot penetrate into the material. This makes caring for your LivingStone product exceptionally easy. Clean your LivingStone surfaces with a solution of water and bleach or soapy water and a regular household cleaner. LivingStone surfaces are seamless and the integrated sinks have no hard-to-clean lip that would otherwise harbor bacteria.